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Cloches et Bain

July 12, 2018

I can hear the bells from the nearby church glide on the evening air and trickle in through the open window. I like a hot bath when I first get in but it soon starts to make me sick. I like then to run the cold tap and feel the cool, silky water caress my… Read More ›

This week’s Fashion Inspiration.

Tuesday’s Look! Tuesday’s are for making a statement! You have rolled out of bed on Monday looking like The old guy from Steptoe and Son but by Tuesday I find I can relax into my weekly wardrobe and be a bit more creative, don’t you? Tuesday’s look therefore was shocking pink and black! Love this… Read More ›

Retro Style Ideas.

One of my favourite and easiest looks! Summery pastel shades. Simply team a pastel skirt…in this case I am wearing a baby pink, pleated one with a white vest. I like to team baby pink with pastel green/turquoise or yellow. You could wear a yellow cardigan with this outfit as I sometimes do. Whatever pastel… Read More ›

Retro Up Your Home on a Budget!

Now, most of you can empathise with this situation I am sure… You want a lovely home, you want to decorate it and add little flourishes here and there BUT you have little or no money. Well here are some tips to add a sprinkle of Retro sparkle to your home without breaking the bank!… Read More ›

A quick and easy Vintage inspired hairdo!

Hello darlings, As you may know I have been into the Vintage/pinup look for a good while now but I have always struggled with the hair side of it. I spent a long time with a sharp 20s bob and a block fringe that I straightened every day and whilst it was a cool look… Read More ›

Burlesque and the art of trying to tone a big, beautiful booty!

Hello lovely Guys and Dolls! Hope you are all feeling the arrival of Summer and have pulled out your Vintage hot weather wardrobe!?Last night I had the absolute pleasure in participating in my first Burlesque exercise class and I must say, what a revelation it was!Firstly the setting for this foray into the world of… Read More ›

Moonchild Vintage Boutique Now Open!

I am so excited to announce that I have launched my online shop Moonchild Vintage UK on the seller site Etsy. My passion for Vintage loveliness has grown too large for my wardrobe so now I want to share my love of all things historic, Retro and Second hand with you all. Please do pop… Read More ›

First forays into Vintage Sewing. Help!

Above is my Grandmother’s beautiful Singer sewing machine. I am hoping to start learning to sew and make my own clothes and home furnishings. I know that my Grandmother said that It had something wrong with it but I am not sure what. How can I diagnose that myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Beth, Bath and Beyond.

For the Bank Holiday Monday I took myself on a little Vintage escapade to the amazingly beautiful City of Bath. For any Retropheliac, Bath is an absolute treasure trove of vintage curiosities and delightful historical oddities. I stayed in the nearby village of Chippenham with my sister Bethany who is also a lover of vintage,… Read More ›

Ways to show yourself kindness.

What is showing yourself kindness and why is it important? In this day in age, in a world that is ridiculously fast paced it is so very vital to take a little bit of time just for ourselves. This is something I like to call ‘showing yourself kindness.’ It may sound a tad silly, as… Read More ›