Anti Diet Riot Club

Recently I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of being asked to model for an organisation that I have admired and followed since their inception, Anti Diet Riot Club.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this wonderful community, they aim to fight back against diet culture and the unattainble standards they bring by celebrating a diverse range of bodies.

One of the ways they do this is by spreading self-love and body positivity through work-shops and seminars. I was asked to model as part of a group, the shoot aim was to capture promotional material for their upcoming festival, which is being held on January 19th in London. (Link for tickets at the bottom)

The premise of the shoot was something that captured the ideology of Anti Diet Riot Club and everyone who works with them, basically a great big Fuck You to diet culture and all it entails.

When I arrived at the studio I met the other lovelies involved in the shoot namely, Becky, Yaz, Harri, Zoe, Lucie, Sade and the photographer Imogen. All of these wonderful people have the Anti Diet Riot message close to their heart for one reason or another and it was a pleasure to work with such inspirational people.

The shoot would consist of wrecking, bashing and generally destroying things we would associate with diet culture such as scales, diet books, meal replacement shakes, diet cereals, low fat cook books, etc. I can say that I had no idea how hard a sledge hammer is to lift until I attempted to smash some scales with it, it was bloody great fun though! Everyone who took part in the shoot was amazing and it was so fun to watch Zoe stamp the shit out of some scales or Lucie in her boxing gloves, ready to punch diets in the face!

The feeling that I had when being surrounded by these fellow BoPo babes and ripping up a low fat cook book was incredible! It really cemented to me how absolutely important and needed Anti Diet Riot Club’s message is especially to young people growing up in a world which is filled with images of unattainable bodies and perfect (filtered) faces.

I am very much looking forward to the Anti Diet Riot Fest in a few weeks. They have some amazing guest speakers inclusing Erika Hart, Michelle Elman, Stephanie Yeboah. There will be various panel discussions and self-help sessions, life-drawing, a Bopo dance class from ‘The School of Strut.’ It really does promise to be a day filled with amazing people with something positive and genuinely helpful to contribute to a society that so often seems to be filled with consumerist bullshit about why we are still not good enough, skinny enough, not fulfilling our true potential. This day aims at finding self-worth, feeling content in our bodies whatever they look like and fighting back against diet culture. There is not better time to do that than in January, a month which traditionally involves starting one diet or another! Well Fuck that and join us in Hoxton for a day which I am sure will leave you with a huge smile on your face.