Plus-size Camping!

Tomorrow I am off to Sussex for our families yearly camping extravaganza!Normally my family and friends, sometimes over 100 of us, camp at Heartfield. Heartfield was 10 acres of land that my Mum owned for 10 years up until last year when she sold it after her diagnosis of terminal cancer.We actually had a living wake for her there last year, we thought itwould be her last Summer but low and behold she has made it to Summer 2019, so this year, now Heartfield is gone, we are going to a regular campsite a few minutes down the road.Camping for a Plus-size babe can be daunting. It is not only the heat, the chub rub, the sweating that makes me uncomfortable but I have a genuine HUGE dislike for blow up mattresses. I find being a bigger girl does not bode well for a peaceful nights sleep on an air filled matress. I roll onto it in the dark, sometimes wet night, to be engulfed by both sides, almost suffocating me! I find it really difficult to get up out of the thing if I need a pee In the small hours…what the hell do I hold on to?Now though, through years of trial and error, I have found the perfect solution! My 4 plastic garden chairs, which I purchased second hand, have steadily over the years crumbled and snapped however they did come with a comfy cushion that ran the entire length of the chair. I now lay these 4 chair covers on the tent ground and cover with other pillows and about 5 duvets…and you get the most brilliant non moving, sturdy bed for the night. No more rolling around on your back like some kind of demented whale, grasping at mid air. 🤩Anyway, packing for camping is something I always overdo.. I take the entire bloody kitchen with me. This year I vow to be different, a wild camper might emerge from this homebody of a woman…perhaps one day I wont even need a tent!Speaking of tents, this year we have purchased a tent that doesnt actually use poles….it is blown up into being…how I hear you cry? It is kind of what I have been asking myself.. more on that in the next blog in which I shall be spilling all about this new fangled, blow up monstrosity. (I will try and remember to take pictures!)Wish me luck!