Hello again…

Hello again to my followers and those of you already familiar with this blog. Also a hello to all you new comers that are just discovering these plus-size, model-tastic, mental health laden, quirky humoured scribbles.

I took a brief hiatus from writing and it is lovely to be back!

Since writing my last blog I have made the scary jump into the world of Curve modeling which I must say is fantastic and completely liberating. I shall be writing all about my recent shoots in upcoming blogs and posting some examples from the photoshoots, so do stay tuned.

I have also, since my last blog, been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have struggled with my mental health for 20 years so to finally reach a diagnosis that feels accurate is helpful. I shall be writing more about my recent experiences with the mental health teams and my thoughts so far.

So, to end this brief blog, I’ve missed writing, my thoughts need a cathartic flow into something tangible, so I am excited to do that here, with words. I hope you enjoy reading!