Don’t Make Body Image the Centre of Our Universe.

I have fluctuated in weight over the years from my heaviest at nearly 24 stone to my smallest at 9.

I am now the picture on the right. I am now able to eat a meal without throwing it all up. I can take in the nutrients that my body needs to function properly and whilst I am what medical professionals would call “over weight” I no longer suffer from iron deficiency, I am vastly more energetic and I am the most comfortable in my own skin that I have ever been.


I am learning to not define myself by size but by the impact I make in the world, the happiness I spread in other people and the worth I feel from my achievements. The way the world perceives beauty seems to be changing for the more inclusive but there is still a massively long way to go. The changes start from within. Once we have exorcised our inner body image demons, we can begin to spread self love and body acceptance in others. One thing I am trying to do differently that I hope will be a small positive step is to move away from body based compliments and discussions surrounding dieting.

I am aiming to perhaps compliment others on their professional merits, their patient nature as a parent, their loyalty as a friend. Highlighting the non image based wins can go some way towards a society that does not consider beauty akin to success. Let’s love ourselves and of course our bodies BUT don’t make body image the centre of our universe.

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2 Comments on “Don’t Make Body Image the Centre of Our Universe.

  1. This is wonderful and I absolutely agree! We’re all so much more than our bodies and our looks, but people tend to focus on outward appearances above all else, especially when giving positive or negative feedback. I love the way you think about and express all of this, your posts on body positivity and body image never fail to make me think and I always learn from them, which is wonderful. You have so much insight and wisdom and I always appreciate you sharing it. ❤


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