Who says you can’t wear that?!?!

B034EE53-0126-449D-B439-200429550C1AI bought this beautiful vintage, bright yellow dress yesterday. I couldn’t resist wearing it straight away so I changed in my local Sainsbury toilet. As soon as I walked into my local, family run coffee shop, two women commented on how lovely my dress was. One of them turned to me and said that she loves yellow but never wears it as she’s is blonde. Apparently blonde people shouldn’t wear yellow as it washes them out! What kind of bullshit is this, I thought? I replied that she shouldn’t think like that and everybody should be able to wear yellow if they want to.


As I sat down her comment reminded me of something that a woman’s had said to me a few days before, she had said how nice my bright read lipstick looked. I replied that she should give it a go and told her which one I was wearing. She replied that as she had a red face she couldn’t wear red lip tick as it would make her face look like a big red tomatoe! What nonsense, in my mind surely if you have rosy cheeks or a skin condition such a roseacia which causes reddening of the skin then wearing red lipstick would make your skin less red, not more?

How many of us have experienced situations or conversations where people have said “ooooh you can’t wear that? I remember years ago I had bright pink hair…I was told that I should dye it before going to an interview to be a teaching assistant in a school as they wouldn’t employ someone with pink hair? As if your hair colour has any bearing on how well equipped you are for the job.

Has self expression, style and even the want to dress a certain way become secondary to imaginary rules and stipulations? I understand that certain body shapes MAY look slimmer in certain cuts or styles but is the goal of what you wear to look slimmer? Surely it is to feel good and be comfortable. If I want to wear a bloody crop top and cycling shorts I should be able to….😛

If someone wants to wear a lovely Vintage wedding dress on a day which doesn’t happen to be her wedding day or wants to wear clothes from another era they should be able to. This issue also ties in with the gender fluid movement. I am a BIG advocate for anybody, no matter there gender wearing whatever the hell they choose! Just because you’re a male does not mean you can’t wear a skirt or enjoy make up. Do what makes you happy baby. Just do you.

854F9CC9-E61C-4E8A-9D67-0599E5D54624In essence I think all I am trying to say is that we should be able to and feel proud and happy to dress any way we want…maybe not best to walk around in a Nazi uniform (ahem, Prince Harry) but dress how we as individuals want to, clothes after all, are for most people, an extension of our personality. We shouldn’t have to tone down our personalities, we sure as hell shouldn’t tone down or style!2CF89589-2F3C-4509-8496-8960BFB7CA3C143A920E-4C11-4AB8-9735-F348B6E75B8F


4 Comments on “Who says you can’t wear that?!?!

  1. I could not agree more! Let everyone do what they want! As long as it isn’t harming anyone else, I don’t see the problem! Lovely yellow dress, by the way! ☺

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