#Curves don’t mean can’t!!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what exactly changed about my life when I lost a huge amount of weight? What did I do differently? It is definitely true that I found it easier to walk, to dance, to make love but looking back I never let my weight or what I looked like stop me from doing any of these things. People that know me would say that even at my biggest I am the first one on the dance floor, the first in the sea, the first ready to make myself look like a fool and eager to try new things.498A8165-2807-46C8-8B74-5349435FE5EB

I consider it very important, after all my weight loss and gain experiences that we do not shy away from doing things or experiences just because we look a certain way. Do not deprive yourself of swimming in that lake or trekking that mountain or running that marathon.  Yes it may take you a little longer than others and if you’re bigger, like me you will probably sweat more than all of those gym bunnies but don’t let that put you off! Sweat and sweat proudly!9A27AD85-FF63-4D37-8F18-97867E50A2AA

It is not just something that concerns weight (however this is where  most of my experiences lie)  People May hinder themselves from doing things for a multitude of reasons that must be ignored. For example like me you may have a skin condition that stops you from wearing certain clothes. Screw em. Wear them.  Do you have a scar that you always keep covered up for fear of everyone’s scorns and stares.?…be proud of your body, every part of it! Show your scars to the world, you never know who you may inspire.39556CF7-4778-40BB-8189-E2A3E49CB469

You may not want to try tap dancing classes or persue that Interest you have in hairdressing because you are an alpha male…again, screw em.  You should join that choir if you can’t really sing, or that paint class when you’re rubbish at drawing a straight line even! Go on that trampoline if you are bigger than everyone else, show em how it’s done! Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something or enjoy an experience simply for being who you are.E1C00420-1BCF-49A8-8968-784C1287B7B9


(please use this hashtag if you do something you never thought you would!)

6 Comments on “#Curves don’t mean can’t!!

  1. Thank you for this post it’s very inspiring. A couple of years ago I lost a lot of weight but I am still reluctant to wear/do certain things because I have other flaws. I also feel I may be getting a tad too old for certain things and I tend to listen to advertisements on how women “should” look (thin, young, perfect skin etc.. etc..) They lay it on REAL thick here in the US: women are all “supposed to be” models. But realistically, you gotta just live life! Some of the happiest gals I know aren’t perfect… Now and again and I need to be reminded of that! 🙂

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    • You are so right! One of the things I noticed recently was a magazine trying to be inclusive by showing different bodies, colours, sizes but on the next page placed an advert that spoke about looking younger. There should not be adverts that age shame. It should be about looking our best or healthy or happy!


  2. Brilliant Tamzyn!! I wanna say I’m proud of you for writing this but I’m not…I’m proud of you for always being you..whatever weight you are…you’re awesome and I’m sure your words will be an inspiration for people who struggle with their bodies and how they are perceived by others…xxx

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