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This week’s Fashion Inspiration.


Tuesday’s Look!

Tuesday’s are for making a statement! You have rolled out of bed on Monday looking like The old guy from Steptoe and Son but by Tuesday I find I can relax into my weekly wardrobe and be a bit more creative, don’t you?

Tuesday’s look therefore was shocking pink and black! Love this statement belt which my sister gave to me. Thanks Bethany!

Wednesday’s Look.

Dress from Lindybop.

I simply adore a red lip to accentuate a red accent colour in a dress.

I also had a red bow in my hair but felt it was a tad over-kill so removed it. I actually started the day with two Victory rolls in my hair but one of them didn’t feel right so I took it out and the result is above. I was pretty impressed! Don’t you just love it when your hair looks gorgeous without really trying?!

Thursday calls for sexy and sassy! My go to colours are always red and black. I love to pair these colours with leopard print. A pin up staple! Always wear a bold, red lip!


Friday calls for a bright and breezy look. Sweet pastels and Polka dots. As you may be able to tell I love Polka dots!

I fell in love with this original 1950s jumper the minute I saw it, I think it works really well with the baby blue skirt which I purchased at the 1940s Railway weekend I mentioned in my previous post. I finished the look off with 1930s inspired peep toe, mermaid shoes. I adore the way they shimmer!

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2 Responses »

  1. I love those outfits and your style.


  2. Great outfits for the hot weather! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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