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Retro Style Ideas.

One of my favourite and easiest looks!

Summery pastel shades. Simply team a pastel skirt…in this case I am wearing a baby pink, pleated one with a white vest. I like to team baby pink with pastel green/turquoise or yellow. You could wear a yellow cardigan with this outfit as I sometimes do.

Whatever pastel shades you go for as your primary colour you can use accessories to accentuate them. I love a neck scarf! This is a lovely silk one from the charity shop! A £1 bargain! It has most of the pastel shades in so whatever colour my main garment is, it will still go!

I also use the same scarf in my hair to accentuate a dresses colour.

And this is what happens when you take your Victory Rolls out! Don’t think this is a look to take outside?!

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  1. Very Nice. Keep it up 🙂


  2. That’s a great look!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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