Retro Up Your Home on a Budget!

Now, most of you can empathise with this situation I am sure… You want a lovely home, you want to decorate it and add little flourishes here and there BUT you have little or no money. Well here are some tips to add a sprinkle of Retro sparkle to your home without breaking the bank!


Cheap/Free wall hanging.

Now this idea really does brighten up a room and can add accent colours if you are trying to create a certain colour scheme. I have been attempting to have a green and yellow living room.

One of my favourite hacks on a budget is to visit certain DIY stores, the big chain ones that sell lots of wallpaper. Have a look and see if they let you take samples. (If there are rolls of wallpaper without plastic wrappings then you are permitted to take samples, obviously don’t just open a roll and have away with a bit!)

There are some gorgeous vintage inspired wallpapers out there at the moment. If you have more money and time you can of course select real Vintage wallpaper from various shops, markets and the internet. I however love a bargain!

Take some samples from as many shops as you dare! It’s a little naughty but not against the law so don’t worry!

Once you have your  selection of wallpaper you need to find a suitable frame. I found a gorgeous green and gold one from my local Charity shop for £1.50!

You can simply put your wallpaper in the frame on its own, this looks splendid when placed on a blank wall with other frames filled with different bits of wallpaper. The frames look ever so cute if they are varying shapes and sizes.

I want to use my wallpaper this time though to surround a Retro print that I also found at a charity shop. You could even print off something from the internet to save on money or place a family photo in the middle.

I think it looks so adorable and really sets off the colours of the items surrounding it.

In total this cost me 3 quid but I am sure it could be achieved on next to nothing!

Now remember the wallpaper that you have used as the backing to your picture as you may want to use it throughout your home again, if like me, you are going for a colour scheme .

Attach Wallpaper to worn-out drawers.

This tip is sooooo easy but I find it really makes a difference to an old, worn-out or boring piece of furniture.

When I was little my Mother spent hours painting sun and moon stencils onto a little drawer cabinet for me. As an adult and after it being lugged from one property to another, I felt it was in need of a bit of sparkle.

I simply chose to use the same wallpaper as in the backing for my picture and applied it to the top/lid of the drawers.

Place the drawers on top of your wallpaper, then using a pencil draw the outline of the draws onto the paper so you know how much to cut. You want to try and be as accurate as possible so the paper fits nicely. I have to admit I am a Slapdash Sally so I quite often rush this part!

I then tend to use Decopatch glue to stick it on because it’s really easy to use and if you ever want to change the wallpaper you can get it off again easily!

Using a small paintbrush cover the top with Decopatch glue. Then affix the wallpaper onto the top. Once it is aligned properly, give it a coat with the glue on top to secure it.

There you have it! A quick, easy and cheap way to jazz up some drawers.

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