A quick and easy Vintage inspired hairdo!

Hello darlings,

As you may know I have been into the Vintage/pinup look for a good while now but I have always struggled with the hair side of it. I spent a long time with a sharp 20s bob and a block fringe that I straightened every day and whilst it was a cool look it was very prescriptive.

Now my hair is much longer and I don’t want to straighten it because it has been falling out a lot! So, I’ve discovered a really cool, quick and easy way to style your hair so that it really compliments that Pinup look!

First of all you section your hair into three. You want the middle section to create a nice big quiff and the two sides ones to have the right amount of hair to get around rollers.

I tend to clip my hair in the middle and then start with the left hand side. Brush the piece of hair up and out at a 45 degree angle. Roll in one of the hair rollers and gently roll down towards your head, making sure the hair is as neat, today and smooth as possible.

When the roller has reached your head, secure it with a few hair grips or Bobby pins. I tend to use one either end of the roll. Attach the roller securely to your head.

Repeat this on the right hand side of the head.

Next take the middle section, pull it back and then make sure it is smoothed out with a soft brush. Some people at this point back comb the underneath of this section of hair to add more volume. I simply twist the hair somewhere near the middle of the strand and then push it forward, affix with some hair grips. This creates a lovely shaped quiff. The bigger the better I say!

Then fix any fly away strands of hair down with some hairspray. I tend to use Silverkin Maximum hold but any brand will do the job.

Now here’s the part where you can get creative and add colour and texture to your hairdo. You use a headscarf. This can be a specially made headscarf, a turban or my personal favourite, a scarf or neckerchief.

I chose one today that compliments my dress. It is a really simple way to coordinate or add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

I hold each end of the scarf and put the middle of the scarf at the nape of my neck. Then wrap it around my head as many times as needed depending on the length of the scarf. I tend to create a bow at the top of my head as I think it looks cute and authentic.

I then pull the scarf up and over so it covers the rollers and hides any messy bits. I find that with the rollers in place it creates friction to the scarf which makes the whole look much more secure.

If you wanted to you could place flowers or butterflies in suitable places to create that vintage like charm but if you’re in a rush, the scarf alone looks simply darling!

You should place the scarf behind the quiff so that you can see it poking out of the front. I find this frames the face perfectly.

I do hope this information has been helpful and makes the morning routine easier and faster. I find this hairdo takes around 5 minutes to achieve so it really is perfect for gals on the go!

Happy creating my darlings!

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