Bring some Vintage loveliness to a boring door.

I was getting very bored with the lack of colour in my downstairs living room, I would normally paint or wallpaper a statement wall however our ceilings are ridiculously high which would mean a big decorating project just to paint even one wall.

I wanted to bring some colour into the room and to add some Vintage inspired decor…but without being able to paint or paper the walls what could I do?

I already have a fair few pictures, mainly black and white hangings of my favourite Old Hollywood stars such as my idol Vivienne Leigh and the delectable Audrey Hepburn. So pictures were not an option either.

So I happened upon the idea of using small amounts of wallpaper on places where there were suitable areas of wood or a surface that wallpaper could attach to.

Firstly I have a side table next to my sofa, one I picked up from a charity shop for a tiny amount of money. Ì removed the glass top, simply cut out a piece of wallpaper to fit the indented part and laid the glass back on top! No gluing needed!

Next I decided on another suitable place to affix the lovely wallpaper and I realised that the indented panels of my wooden door would be devine!

This is what the door looked like before.

I bought some art glue used for decoupage from my local craft shop. You should be able to pick up a big bottle for no more than 12-13 pounds from craft shops such as Hobbycraft.

I am, at times a tad slapdash and so because I couldn’t find a paint brush I just used my hand!

It is so easy to do. The only slightly tricky part (well for me anyway) was getting the roll of wallpaper inside the indent and making sure the flat, neat part of the roll was properly inside and parallel. Ì think used scissors, fully opened, with the blade tilted like a knife and cut down the paper to fit.

I then lay the cut out piece over the wallpaper and cut round it to create another perfect piece which fit straight in to the adjacent indented panel. Ì only put wallpaper in two of the indented wall panels but I am sure it would look lovely in four. Just make 3 more copies from the original template.

I cleaned out the indentations of any dust and dirt and sanded the wood down. This didn’t take long and you don’t need to be particularly thorough, you just need to make sure you have a clean, bump-free surface on which to affix your wallpaper.

Once that part was done, I spread the glue into the indentation, you don’t need a vast amount, just enough to cover the service completely. Then I carefully placed the wallpaper inside the indentation, made sure it fit exactly and pressed it down. Make sure you don’t have any bubbles of air under the wallpaper. You can eliminate these by pushing something like a book wrapped in a tea towel along the service. You can chose to varnish if you want the piece of wallpaper to last longer without damage and a nice, shiny finish. Ì prefer mine with a matte finish so I skipped this part.

Simply repeat for your desired number of wallpapered panels and there you have it, a touch of vintage sparkle to a boring, colourless room!

Alternatively you could use four differing pieces of wallpaper per panel for a less unified look. You could even use the traditional decoupage technique and use small, jaggedly ripped up pieces of differing wallpaper, magazine or newspaper. For this method you need to use the glue over the top as well, to make sure it is all stuck down properly.

I have also been thinking about adding the same wallpaper to the bottom part of my banister and run it up, parallel to the steps. Do you think this would be a happy addition or overkill? Thoughts please!?

Anyway happy Vintagifying!

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