Beth, Bath and Beyond.

For the Bank Holiday Monday I took myself on a little Vintage escapade to the amazingly beautiful City of Bath. For any Retropheliac, Bath is an absolute treasure trove of vintage curiosities and delightful historical oddities.

I stayed in the nearby village of Chippenham with my sister Bethany who is also a lover of vintage, her style a little more on the retro side of the 80s and 90s than mine. She was the perfect tour guide but even She, who has been to Bath a good few times found some intricacies not encountered before.

What I found most enticing about Bath is it’s complete mishmash of old and new, of high street and brands, of charity shops and exclusive boutiques, of historical and contemporary architecture. Bath caters for everyone and all tastes and budgets.

For me, I very much enjoyed the quirky little offerings that the city had to offer. A pillar phone box, overgrown with shrubbery, from the inside out, a shop window adorned with antique singer sewing machines from floor to ceiling.

There are some really exciting vintage , retro and boutique charity shops. I picked up a delightful, vintage jacket for next to nothing from one fabulous charity shop!

The indoor market is well worth a look, just for the architecture alone. Surveying the gorgeous windows and traditional market layout feels akin to time travel as I imagine it would have looked almost exactly the same when it first opened.

The leather goods shop was heavenly!

One of the best experiences of the trip was the Organ recital that we accidentally stumbled across in Bath Abbey. The building itself is wondrous , coupled with the accompanying music, it made the experience something ethereal.

It was such a lovely few days to spend with a sister who gets just as excited over oddities of yesteryear as I do. For anyone who has a penchant for architecture, shopping and history, Bath is a must.

This devine 1970s dress was a steal in a Bath charity shop!

As was this Vintage Jacket.

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