Modelling Firm Scams!

As you may have read in my latest blog, I am attempting to try my hand at becoming a Curve Model. So far my experience has been pretty awful. Good job I’m thick skinned!

I applied to a few modelling agencies online, if I’m honest, without much thought. I tend to live my life in a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ type of way, if I think about something too much, I won’t do it. So I uploaded my measurements and some photos and excitedly waited for a reply.

The reply came in the form of a telephone call from a Modelling Platform named Studio Works. The Lady on the phone claimed to be ‘Head of Talent’. She informed me that she had received my application and that the photos I had provided had been sent off to potential casting agents who had ‘green lit’ my look. This meant that they would have used me in their advert.

The Lady from Studio Works (who was named Jess) told me that my look was perfect for Mature Modelling, a term which, being young at heart, and having just turned 30, felt a tad odd! She claimed that they wanted to book me in for a photo shoot in Oxford street and that I would be able to keep all photos taken… comes the catch…..I only had to pay £150 deposit for the time slot of the photo shoot.

Luckily I felt maybe things were too good to be true, so I said I would call her back, having discussed things with my partner.

My partner,having arrived home from work, was greeted at the door by a terribly excitable me, who had visions of my name in lights and my picture on a Time Square billboard! (ok I exaggerate but I kinda hoped of getting a few modelling jobs.) I explained to him my phone conversation with Jess at Studio Works and having discussed it, he rang Jess back to talk further.

The first thing my partner felt having talked to Jess was ‘bull shit!’ Not that he has no faith in my beauty but he has a job in sales so he knows a sales pitch when he hears one. He also had a look online at the company reviews, which were all negative. He questioned Jess over this and she said that they had a positive testimonial video on YouTube…hardly difficult to create that yourself? He then asked her for the head office number, to which she replied that she didn’t know it?? Where was she calling from then??? Lastly he asked her to send him a company profile and some testimonials, to which she agreed, but we never heard from her again!

I had a lucky escape, I was extremely close to handing over some of my hard earned dosh and if I had then attended a fancy photo shoot and they had asked for more, foolishly I probably would have handed over more money. As it is my money is safe, but this isn’t the case for thousands of wannabe models who are lured in by promises of work and the fact they will make their money back in weeks.

What I find the most disturbing is the children who are tricked. There are reports of 15 year olds actually attending photo shoots with their parents, who pay up to 6 grand, because they are promised modelling work, only to find out they have been scammed. That 15 year old’s confidence would be shattered for a life time, I just felt a little taken in and sheepish.

I guess we just all want to feel beautiful and having someone tell us we are and that various clothing and beauty companies will think so too, is a huge ego boost and music to one’s ear. Sadly It’s lip service just to get into our pockets.

So remember, the main rules of modelling is that no reputable company will ever ask you for money up front, or money for photos. If they are really interested in you, they will invest in you. Good luck to all the aspiring models out there. Stay safe and money savvy.

5 Comments on “Modelling Firm Scams!

  1. Scams like these happens not only in modelling but also in every field these days…’s really upsetting sometimes….glad you got saved and it’s really good that your letting people know so they can be aware of situations like these😊💕🦋

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