Welcome darlings to Moonchild Vintage Madame. A veritable curiosity shop, brimming with ideas and information on vintage fashion, hair, make-up, furniture and even reviews of vintage adventures.

If you are trawling the internet, desperately searching for vintage clothing ideas, how to rock a vintage hat with style or the best vintage inspired locations, then look no further!

A place full of witty anecdotes, personal stories, meanderings on everyday and current issues and choc-a-bloc with vintage inspired lifestyle guidance.

I have adorned these pages with, what I hope you will find are, interesting, helpful and informative tips, tutorials and ideas, sprinkled with that extra vintage style. If you are in the market for vintage decadence, we have a page dedicated to vintage fashion and accessories for sale.20180606_204054.jpg

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Tamzyn and I am a thirty something teacher of English and Drama.

My love for all things vintage started from an early age when I was captivated by films from the 1920s onwards and the glamourous stars that were in them. I was transfixed by the clothes, hair and make-up and wanted to recreate what I had seen on the screen.  I gradually learned how to perfect my look, taking inspiration from my favourites of the big screen, Greta Garbo, Vivienne Leigh, Marilyn Monroe were all thrown into the mix.

Soon I filled my everyday life with vintage loveliness. I find immense pleasure from drinking afternoon tea from a china cup and saucer whilst listening to Bessie Smith or Frank Sinatra on my 1950s radiogram. I began to experiment with vintage recipes presented on a vintage dinner set and to explore magnificent country houses adorned with art-deco or nouveau design features. I started to incorporate these design features into my own home, whether it be a simple vintage inspired piece of wallpaper, an ornate lamp or a 1960s cocktail cabinet.


I love to think of all the memories attached to the vintage pieces that I wear or have in my home, of the people who used to own them, cherish them. Who were they? What was their story? I think that is why I adore a vintage lifestyle, because it is not just a dress or a coffee table, it was someone’s dress, someone’s coffee table. Because I began to get compliments on how I looked and what I was wearing, I decided to share my vintage secrets with those who were interested. So if you have a fledgling  interest in the glamour of  the bygone days or are a seasoned vintageophile, looking for some new ideas, then you have come to the perfect place.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to myself and my website. From a girl trying to help save the world, one vintage inspired step at a time.

I have also expanded my writing to include blogs about subjects I care greatly about, such as, Body Positivity, Inclusion and Diversity. I have now also included blogs on my experience as a Gastric Band Patient. You can find these in the drop down menu entitled ‘Confessions of a Gastric Band Patient.’

I felt it urgent and important to start writing pieces that surrounded issues that can massively affect us throughout our lives. I couldn’t stand by and watch the next generation be all consumed by trying desparetly to live up to the unrealistic image that the mainstream media portrays. If my blogs help even one individual to feel more comfortable in their own skin then I will be overjoyed.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my scribbling. Please follow, comment, like and share and let’s hope we can make a difference in a world that needs lots of small voices, chanting in unity, to make a big sound.

Heppy Reading you gorgeous people!

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